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Borrowing and Requests

In order to borrow library materials and access databases and ejournals from off-campus, all users must be registered with the library. As of Nov. 24, 2010, data for all current UTHSC faculty, staff, students and residents is loaded into the library database monthly.

You should only need to request library registration if you are brand new to UTHSC and need immediate off-campus access to databases and e-journals. Note: UT NetID and password verification required.

Loan Periods

  • Books: 4 weeks, 2 renewals allowed
  • Journals, Bound volumes: 1 week, 2 renewals allowed
  • Journals, Unbound issues: 1 day, no renewals
  • Audiovisual Materials: 1 week, 2 renewals allowed
  • Reserve Materials, Examinations: Noncirculating
  • Reserve Materials, Instructor study guides: Noncirculating
  • Reserve Materials, Books: 2 hour in-library use (After 4:00 pm most books may go out until 10:00 am the next morning), no renewals


  • A fine of 50 cents a day is charged for each book or bound journal not returned on the date due; $1 per day is charged for unbound journals.
  • Reserve books not returned by 10 a.m. the next day carry a fine of $1 for the first hour and 50 cents for every hour thereafter until returned.
  • The fine for study carrel keys is $5 per day.

Damage to books and journals beyond reasonable wear and all losses should be reported to the library by the borrower. Arrangements will then be made for the borrower to pay for repair or replacement of the material.

When fines have accumulated to $10, borrowing privileges are suspended until fines are paid.

Last modified: December 1, 2011