Faculty & Staff

Dept Name E-mail Phone (901)
Director (Interim) Rick Fought, M.L.I.S. rfought1@uthsc.edu 448-5694
Administration-Business Manager Maggie White mwhite@uthsc.edu 448-6312
Administrative Assistant Brenda Clark bclark11@uthsc.edu 448-5638
Conference Room (230) 448-6946
Head of Access Services Gwen Jackson, M.S.L.S. gjackson@uthsc.edu 448-5847
Access Services Librarian F. Zeb Mathews, M.S.L.S. fmathews@uthsc.edu 448-1948
A.S./Circ. & Reserves Beatrice Johnson bjohnson@uthsc.edu 448-5634
A.S./Circ. & Reserves Bernice Richardson brichardson@uthsc.edu 448-6815
A.S./Evenings & Weekends Alicia Sanders asanders@uthsc.edu 448-5634
A.S./Evenings & Weekends Darrrell Dixon ddixon20@uthsc.edu 448-5634
A.S./Evenings & Weekends Delores Johnson dajohnson@uthsc.edu 448-5634
A.S./ILL Joann Irby jirby@uthsc.edu 448-5634
A.S./ILL Valerie Hudson vhudson@uthsc.edu 448-5168
A.S./Test Scoring Jacqueline Smith jsmit408@uthsc.edu 448-5634
A.S./Test Scoring Charles Hicks chicks20@uthsc.edu 448-5165
Head of ECS (Interim) Paul Gahn, M.I.L.S. pgahn@uthsc.edu 448-7351
Electronic and Collection Services Gloria Harris gharris@uthsc.edu 448-5406
ECS/Acquisitions Deborah Taylor, M.S.I.S. dmtaylor@uthsc.edu 448-5635
ECS/Acquisitions Carolyn Polk cpolk@uthsc.edu 448-5036
ECS/Electronic Services Paul Gahn, M.I.L.S. pgahn@uthsc.edu 448-7351
ECS/Sr. IT Technologist I Robert Mitchell rmitche3@uthsc.edu 448-2219
ECS/E-Journals Wanda Booker-Wade wbookerw@uthsc.edu 448-7295
ECS/Web Services Librarian Suhua Caroline Fan, M.I.L.S. sfan3@uthsc.edu 448-5154
Head of Research & Learning Richard Nollan, Ph.D., M.L.S. rnollan@uthsc.edu 448-6053
R&L/Reference Rozann Turner rturne15@uthsc.edu 448-1571
R&L/Archivist Jennifer Welch, M.L.I.S. jwelch30@uthsc.edu 448-5051
R&L/Research and Learning Librarian Stephanie Kinsler, M.L.I.S. 448-1667
R&L/Instruction Vacant 448-4759
R&L Vacant 448-5166

Last modified: February 11, 2016