Printing in the Library

Research alcove and electronic classroom computers are configured so current UTHSC students can print using the printing quota/balance system already available in the GEB and SAC computer labs.

Laptop printing is not available.

How to check my quota and balance

To check your free quota and balance, go to:
Note: Print jobs are only updated once an hour. If your recent jobs aren’t showing, please log in again after one hour has passed.

Printer Locations

  • 2nd floor research alcove
  • 3rd floor in the electronic classroom

How to Print

1.) Select Print in current application
2.) Confirm your print destination: Default should be the printer closest to your computer, Alcove or MediaLab
3.) OPTIONAL: Automatic Duplex or double-sided printing. -On iMacs, see instructions here (PDF). -On Windows, see instructions here (PDF).

4.) After clicking OK, you will be prompted for your NetId and password
5.) Retrieve your printout from the printer


If you have any questions, email Paul Gahn, Electronic Services Librarian or call (901) 448-5634.

Last modified: January 23, 2015