Zika Virus Resource List

The Zika Virus seems to have spread almost overnight around the globe. The Disaster Information Management Research Center at the National Library of Medicine has assembled a broad list of resources on this important topic. You can find it by clicking on the link above or here.

Library Closed Friday, January 22, 2016 Due to Inclement Weather

Because the UTHSC campus in Memphis is closed due to inclement weather forecast, the UTHSC Health Sciences Library will also be closed on Friday, January 22, 2016.

The library will close at midnight, Thursday (1/21/16) and 24/7 access will be suspended.

24/7 access will resume at 8:00 am on Saturday, January 23rd, weather permitting.

E-journals and databases remain accessible remotely 24/7.

Library Closed on Martin Luther King Day

In honor of Martin Luther King Day the library will close and 24/7 access suspended on Sunday, January 17, at 12 am (midnight). The library will reopen for normal hours and for 24/7 on Tuesday, January 19, at 8 am.

Not all Open Access Journals are Equal

The Open Access movement offers a different publishing model that shifts the cost of publication from the publisher to the author or institution. This feature of Open Access has been exploited by some unscrupulous publishers to provide services that they do not deliver on. Beall’s List of Potential, Possible, or Probable Predatory Scholarly Open-Access Publishers has just been updated and contains a list of journals that authors may want to consult before submitting an article.

Library Holiday Hours

Library hours will change in observance of the upcoming winter holiday.

The library will close and 24/7 access suspended beginning on Friday, December 18, at 5:00 pm.

The library will be open Monday, December 28 until Thursday, December 31 2015. Library hours on these four days will be 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and there will be no 24/7 access.

The library will be closed on New Year’s Day, Friday, January 1 through Sunday, January 3, 2016.

The library will reopen for normal hours on Monday, January 4, 2016, and 24/7 access for students will resume.

Library Closing for Thanksgiving

The Health Sciences Library in Memphis is closing for the Thanksgiving Holiday on Wednesday, November 25th, at 5:00 pm. The library will reopen on Monday, November 30, at 8:00 am. During this closing the library will not be available for 24/7 access, and the card swipe into the library will be turned off.

PubMed Tip: Try “UT Links” if “UT Full-Text” Doesn’t Work

The UTHSC Library Link Resolver:  has been added as an option in PubMed in the upper right corner of every abstract page when accessed from the library homepage.

   will continue to appear when available, however there are some articles where the link provided by Pubmed is not successfully linking, especially when off-campus.  

So, if UT Full-Text doesn’t work, try clicking on UT Links.

Example: PMID 17710010 (Ovid) Read the rest of this entry »

Off-Campus Access Unavailable: 9:15pm, Friday, October 30, 2015

Off-campus library access will be interrupted at approximately 9:15 pm on Friday, Oct. 30, 2015 to install an update on the ezproxy server. Downtime is estimated to be 10-15 minutes.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Links to E-Journals from Catalog Resulting in 404 Errors

October 30, 2015 update: No old atoz links that don’t properly resolve should remain in the catalog (opac.uthsc.edu). Catalog records with the old URL remain in Discovery Search, but we have an upload pending and should be updated by early next week (Nov. 2-4)

October 27, 2015 update: Almost 9,000 catalog records have been updated, resolving the 404/$lang=en issue. Approximately 700 catalog records remain with the old url. We are working to prioritize that list and update the remaining to the new url syntax.

October 9, 2015 original post: Links to e-Journals from our library catalog, http://opac.uthsc.edu/search/s, are currently resulting in 404 error pages. This is a result of our vendor, EBSCO, appending the following to the end of the URL: &lang=en

EBSCO is working to resolve this issue by removing this from the URL when they redirect to the publisher page and sending us a new set of records to replace our current catalog records. In the meantime, there are several options:

  • In some cases, you can just modify the resulting URL by removing &lang=en and reloading the page.
  • If removing &lang=eng and reloading doesn’t work, you may need to navigate the publishers site to find the journal page.
  • Try searching our new E-Journals Finder. Links from Finder are not redirected and appended in the same way.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

E-Journals List changing to E-Journals Finder

The E-Journals List (http://atoz.ebsco.com/Titles/1630) available on the library’s home page under Popular Resources will be changing to E-Journals Finder on Tuesday, October 6, 2015.

Advantages of the updated interface include:

  • Faster response!
  • Predictive, auto suggestion search, as you type.

The default browsing list of titles A-Z is gone, however EBSCO says this new searching platform reduces time to finding a journal from 2.5 minutes to just seconds. Browsing journal titles by discipline is available, however searching by journal title will be more common and useful.

Read the rest of this entry »