Test Scoring

The Health Sciences Library and Biocommunications Center provides computerized test scoring services to faculty at UTHSC. This includes scanning answer sheets, scoring analysis, and reporting. Survey and evaluation analysis is also available.

There is a minimum turnaround period of two business days for test results. Tests will not be scored while you wait.

To have your tests and surveys scored, you must

  1. Complete a Test Scoring Request form with the following information, which is required to process the data:
    • Course name AND number
    • Faculty member or responsible person
    • Department phone number
    • Number of the last question on the test
    • Incomplete or improperly marked forms will be returned unscored to the faculty member.
  2. Use Scantron sheets and #2 pencils. To have tests scored, students must record their responses with a #2 pencil on a Scantron answer sheet (test answer sheet F-1712, available from General Stores; test scoring does not supply these) and the “bubbles” for the student’s name and nine-digit ID Number assigned by the Registrar must be marked. Students should bubble in the appropriate test version. If there is only one version, the “A” must be bubbled in. Otherwise, the test cannot be scored.
  3. Prepare an answer key. A key is always required for test scoring and processing. A “Key” form must have the word KEY bubbled in the name field. No other marks in that field are permitted. Surveys and evaluations do not require a key.
  4. Neatly stack the exam sheets filled in by your students. Please do not fold, staple, or otherwise mutilate the key or the answer sheets!
  5. Deliver completed answer sheets to Alexander Rooms 342 or 344. If no one is available, take the answer sheets to the Circulation Desk, 2nd floor. Completed answer sheets and the Exam Scoring Request form should be delivered in an envelope large enough to hold the exam and results. This will prevent your exam from being confused with another. Please make sure that the course and faculty member information are on the outside of the envelope.
  6. When you deliver your answer sheets, indicate on the Exam Scoring Request form the name of the person authorized to pick up the test results. We cannot accept phone calls or written notes as authority to release exam information.

Students are not permitted to pick up grades from Computerized Test Scoring.

Last modified: May 4, 2011