Individual Collections

Charles E. Kossmann Collection

Dr. Charles Kossmann was a member of the UT Memphis faculty and a physician internationally recognized in the field of cardiology. He served as a professor of cardiology (1967-1976) and was named chief of the Division of Circulatory Diseases in the College of Medicine in 1968. In 1982, he became Master of the American College of Physicians in Memphis. The collection includes his professional papers and medical instruments.

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James N. Etteldorf Collection

Dr. Etteldorf was an internationally recognized pediatrician, whose association with the University of Tennessee lasted over 60 years. He arrived in Memphis in 1932 to pursue a Ph.D. in pharmacy, but decided in favor of an M.D. After his residency at the John Gaston Hospital plus one year at the St. Louis Childrens Hospital, he began his professional career at UT. His accomplishments are numerous, including an 18 year postdoctoral grant, which was awarded to him in the late 1950s and funded the development of pediatrics subspecialties at UT. The collection includes his professional papers. For a brief biography click here.

The Etteldorf Collection was officially opened on May 25, 2000.

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Margaret A. Newman Collection

In the 1970s, Dr. Newman developed her ideas and research about nursing theory as both a student and colleague of Martha Rogers. At the same time she was pursuing research on the relationship of movement, time and consciousness, and was expanding the development of the theory of health as expanding consciousness. In 1984 she assumed a position as nurse theorist at the University of Minnesota, continuing the development of the theory and related research with the assistance of graduate students. She retired from teaching in 1996.

For more information about Dr. Newman and her work, visit her web site.

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College of Medicine Collection

A historical collection of UT Memphis diplomas, class composite pictures, and notebooks from former graduates of the college.

E. Dianne Greenhill Nursing Collection

Historic nursing books donated to the Health Sciences Library by UT Memphis College of Nursing faculty member Dr. E. Dianne Greenhill.

Marcia Katz Dentistry Collection

In 1997 Dr. Katz made a donation to the HSHC of 33 book titles of historical value to the history of dentistry. As opportunities arise this collection will grow to include other works and artifacts documenting the history of this profession.

Apothecaries Collection

A collection of ledgers, prescriptions, formulas, labels, and other items from the James Robinson Apothecary, one of the oldest pharmacies in Memphis, and other individuals in Tennessee and Mississippi.

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John Dulaney Collection

Dr. Dulaney was a former UT medical student who practiced as a country doctor in Tennessee at the turn of the century. The collection includes his billing records (i.e., books and ledgers), prescriptions, and other materials associated with his practice of medicine.

Rare Book Collection

Medical books published primarily before 1845. Search our catalog.

Simon Rulin Bruesch Collection

Dr. Simon Rulin Bruesch joined the UT Memphis faculty in 1941. He was a professor revered by medical students and had the first endowed professorship in the College of Medicine. With a strong sense of history he assembled documents and artifacts that were pertinent to the history of the health sciences in Memphis and the South. His interests were wide ranging, and included books, correspondence, ledgers, diaries, images, and sound recordings. He donated his medical collection and personal artifacts to the library in 1995. Due to the size and complexity, this collection will be organized and made public in components rather than as a single unit.

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Tennessee Physicians

A comprehensive card file of information on physicians and medicine in Tennessee from the 18th Century to the early 20th Century. This collection of almosts 22,000 file cards contains biographical information on anyone claiming to practice medicine in the state of Tennessee. This information was collated by Dr. Simon R. Bruesch over a period of decades from published and unpublished sources throughout the state. This is an outstanding genealogical resource with a potential for research into the demographics of physicians in Tennessee.

This collection can be browsed and viewed by last name below. Unfortunately, many of the scans (Holt, George W. through letter S) are difficult to read. We plan to mount betters scans in a searchable database in the future.


William L. Wallace Collection

Dr. William Lindsey Wallace, Jr., a 1932 graduate of the UT Medical Units, died in a Chinese prison camp while serving as a medical missionary in Wuchow, China. He was jailed by the Chinese Communists for allegedly possessing a pistol and was reportedly killed in his prison cell in 1951. His classmates of 1932 established a memorial book collection, which contains books edited or written by UT Memphis faculty and graduates. Authors are encouraged to donate an autographed copy for this collection. A circulating copy may be purchased with regular book moneys.

John William Runyan Collection

This collection contains six boxes of Dr. Runyan’s professional papers, correspondence, photographs, reports and presentations pertaining to his career and with a special focus on the decentralized care of chronic care patients in Memphis and Shelby County. In 1960, he joined the U.T. Department of Medicine and became a Full Professor in 1964. He founded and served as Chief of the Section of Endocrinology from 1962-1972 at U.T. Memphis. Dr. Runyan chaired the Department of Community Medicine within the College of Medicine beginning in 1972. Also, he developed the decentralized Clinic Network for Memphis and Shelby County (1963-1985). He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine and served as an Examiner for it from 1967-1972; he is also a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and is an active member in the American Diabetes Association and the American Federation for Clinical Research, authoring 47 professional papers and a book, Primary Care Guide, in 1976.

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Lemuel Whitley Diggs Collection

The Diggs Collection contains eight boxes of correspondence, photographic images, published and unpublished materials and other memorabilia pertaining to Dr. Diggs life and professional work. Dr. Diggs obtained his B.A. and M.A. degrees from Randolph-Macon College in Virginia, and his M.D. from Johns Hopkins University in 1926. He came to UT in 1929. The collection focuses on his contributions to the understanding of sickle cell disease, his opening of the first blood bank in the South in 1938, his advances in the teaching of clinical pathology and medical technology, as well as in the study of hematology.

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