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Are you compliant with the U.S. Copyright statute?

The U.S. Copyright statute covers both published and unpublished works and protection begins “the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form that it is perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device.”

To gain a basic insight into copyright principles and other applications they can have in academic research and education, attend a free copyright workshop.

The workshop will be held on Monday, February 23, 8 am – 9 am. in Room 307, Alexander Building.

The workshop is free but registration is requested.

Contact Zachary Fox at or 901-448-5166, if you have questions.

Problem with Getting an E-Journal Article?

When you encounter a problem accessing an article from an e-journal, a possible reason is that it was one of the journals got canceled in January 2009. There are three places you can check to see whether the e-journal was canceled. 1. Browse the cancellation list 2. Search the library’s online catalog by entering the journal title. If the title has been canceled you will see an end date appear in the link to the full text. 3. Browse the A-Z list of e-journals. If the title has been canceled you will see an end date underneath the title.

If you still have e-journal access problem, please contact Reference Desk at 448-5404 or send an email to