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Library Current Newsletter–INFOnews

Highlights of the current INFOnews – the library’s newsletter:

  • SGAEC Funds Student Resources in Library It Just Got Easier To Access Library Resources
  • New SciFinder Enhancements Expedite Research
  • Why Can’t I Access UT Knoxville’s Library Resources?
  • UTHSC Represented on Tenn-Share Board
  • To Toss or Not To Toss
  • Top 10 Things To Do on the Library’s Web Site
  • Rick Fought Joins Health Sciences Library
  • Health Sciences Library Workshop Schedule—2011

To read the whole issue, visit the INFOnews page.

EndNote x4.0.2 Update for Mac OS X and Windows

If you are using EndNote x4 with Word 2010/2011, you need to install the update. Detailed instructions can be found at

If you are using EndNote Web, you need to reinstall EndNote Web’s Word Plugin.

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