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ClinicalKey Still Having Some Issues

Although the issues resulting in a blank page for off-campus ClinicalKey users of Chrome, Firefox and Safari and unique title links appears to be resolved, ClinicalKey is continuing to have some issues with links to specialty ebook lists from off-campus.

Read more about the ClinicalKey upgrade.

UPDATE as of 10/3/2014: ClinicalKey reports the specialty lists are not bookmarkable in the new update. They are considering adding this feature, but for now you must navigate to the specialty listing from the drop down list in upper left corner of books link. We are working on updating our links.

ClinicalKey Update and Off-Campus Blank Pages with Chrome, Firefox and Safari

ClinicalKey made an interface change this morning (9/23/14) that’s main promise is mobile friendly access.

However, it appears an unintended consequence is off-campus access for users using Chrome, Firefox and Safari browers results in a blank page.

The vendor has been notified and we are awaiting a response.

This is affecting all ClinicalKey customers not just UTHSC.