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NetID Passwords Expire Every 6 Months

Please remember UTHSC passwords expire every 6 months. This can impact your library access. The library login page ( will not mention it has expired, but your login will fail once your password has expired.

A week or two before your password expires, you will begin to receive email reminders from ITS to change your password. If you do not use UTHSC email, we suggest you configure your account to be forwarded to an account you check on a regular basis, so you receive the reminders.

To set up mail forwarding for Exchange:

  • Visit, but don’t login on the page.
  • Instead, click on the link: “Click Here to Manage Your Account” under the Password field.
  • On the Exchange Account Management page, click “Manage Your Exchange Account.” and log in with your Exchange username and password.
  • Then click “Change Mail Forwarding.”

ALERT: Phishing Attempt Mentioning Library

Some campus faculty, staff and students have recently received a phishing email stating their library access is about to expire. We do not send such emails and the one we’ve seen was marked as [SPAM] in the subject line.

However, it is extremely detailed, with a link that appears to be our library server: and a 448 telephone number. But the actual link goes to a non UTHSC server in a foreign county known for illicit attacks.

If you receive such an email, do NOT click on the link. Then delete the email.