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EndNote X8 is Now Available

UTHSC faculty, staff and students can now download EndNote X8 from the UTK Office of Information Technology. NetID is required to download the program. Once you log in, choose Thomson Reuters as the vendor to download EndNote program.

An overview of EndNote X8 and other details are available on our EndNote guide.

Not all Open Access Journals are Equal

The Open Access movement offers a different publishing model that shifts the cost of publication from the publisher to the author or institution. This feature of Open Access has been exploited by some unscrupulous publishers to provide services that they do not deliver on. Beall’s List of Potential, Possible, or Probable Predatory Scholarly Open-Access Publishers has just been updated and contains a list of journals that authors may want to consult before submitting an article.

PubMed Tip: Try “UT Links” if “UT Full-Text” Doesn’t Work

The UTHSC Library Link Resolver:  has been added as an option in PubMed in the upper right corner of every abstract page when accessed from the library homepage.

   will continue to appear when available, however there are some articles where the link provided by Pubmed is not successfully linking, especially when off-campus.  

So, if UT Full-Text doesn’t work, try clicking on UT Links.

Example: PMID 17710010 (Ovid) Read the rest of this entry »

NetID Passwords Expire Every 6 Months

Please remember UTHSC passwords expire every 6 months. This can impact your library access. The library login page ( will not mention it has expired, but your login will fail once your password has expired.

A week or two before your password expires, you will begin to receive email reminders from ITS to change your password. If you do not use UTHSC email, we suggest you configure your account to be forwarded to an account you check on a regular basis, so you receive the reminders.

To set up mail forwarding for Exchange:

  • Visit, but don’t login on the page.
  • Instead, click on the link: “Click Here to Manage Your Account” under the Password field.
  • On the Exchange Account Management page, click “Manage Your Exchange Account.” and log in with your Exchange username and password.
  • Then click “Change Mail Forwarding.”

Leaving UTHSC?

Faculty and staff terminating from the Health Science Center must complete an Exit Clearance form initiated by your department. University policy requires that any fines owed to the Health Sciences Library must be paid in cash at the Circulation Desk before clearance is approved.

Why can’t I access library resources from off-campus, when logged into the UTHSC VPN?

If you are off-campus and logged into the UTHSC VPN (virtual private network), you may discover you are unable to access library resources.

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New E-Journal List Platform

You may have noticed that our E-Journal page has changed.

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PubMed Full Text Article Links to UTHSC

If you want to see full text links to library resources when you search PubMed, start your search by clicking the PubMed link under Popular Resources on the library’s home page. If you are off campus, you will be asked to log into the library. Starting from our home page activates the links in PubMed to our resources.

Access E-Journals at Home

You can access over 4,300 online journals from home. Simply visit the library’s home and click on the E-Journals link. Almost all the titles listed are accessible from off-campus (campus-only titles are clearly marked).

For more information, see this FAQ.


The Health Sciences Library would like to welcome new and returning students, faculty, and staff.

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